A Place To Clear Your Head

I am one of the lucky people that live in Cornwall and close to the sea, as I was walking along the beach I saw three patches of light shining on the water and slowly they came together and it was one long path of light into the horizon.

So beautiful. I love seeing the light on the water and it seems to be always different whether it is cloudy or sunny. It always makes me feel good.

Walking is such a wonderful way of clearing you mind and let the thoughts just flow.

The water is so calming and peaceful and the beach is a place where people are happy and relaxed, full of activities and joy.  It is great to see dogs running they are so eager to play and full of energy. Sometimes you see the sunbeams spreading over the water and it is just magic, I love it.

Do it for yourself just go for a walk and see how it makes you feel to clear your mind!

Let me know what you experienced!!!!

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