Be Kind.

At the moment there is so much talk about the virus and how it is so contagious.
But did you know that the most contagious thing is actually kindness?

I know I hear you say, how can that be?
But in different studies that have been done on kindness shows the effect it has on people.

Did you know that witnessing acts of kindness produces oxytocin, occasionally referred to as the ‘love hormone’ which aids in lowering blood pressure and improving our overall heart-health.
Oxytocin also increases our self-esteem and optimism, which is extra helpful when we’re anxious or shy in certain situation.

When a study was done practicing kindness for the self and being kind to others “About half of participants in one study reported that they feel stronger and more energetic after helping others; many also reported feeling calmer and less depressed, with increased feelings of self-worth”.

Current research supports this idea. Science has now shown that devoting resources to others, rather than having more and more for yourself, brings about lasting well-being. 

Kindness stimulates the production of serotonin, without chemicals added, like anti depressants.
This feel-good chemical heals your wounds, calms you down, and makes you happy!

What can you do to help someone?
Maybe writing a letter, calling and have a chat with someone you know is lonely, these are just a few examples but I’m sure you can think of many more.

A great website about kindness is Dr. David Hamilton. See link below and check it out!

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