A poem that I came across a very long time ago and then years ago someone had this poem at their wedding. I'd love to share this poem with you; As far as I know, it’s unknown.

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Have You Ever Noticed?

Have you ever noticed how often we rush to get somewhere or do things quickly, without enjoying the journey that leads towards what we want?

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What Is Anxiety?

According to the Oxford dictionary, it says; trouble state of mind, worry, eagerness! Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear that can be mild or severe. When you start to look online there are so many answers, but the truth is we all feel anxious at times, an athlete or sports person would say; anxiety helps us to perform at our best if used in a positive way.

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Kindness! by David R Hamilton

We’re hearing so much about the coronavirus and how contagious it is. Did you know that the most contagious thing is actually kindness? It’s been tested scientifically. Scientists at Harvard and Yale measured the contagiousness of kindness out to three social steps.

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How to keep good feelings when times are difficult?

The state we are in determines the way we react. What do I mean by this? The way we feel whether it’s sadness, angry, lost, upset and so on is what we call a state. When we realize that we are in a state that’s not very helpful for us at that moment, what can we do?

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Charlotte named ‘Surf Hero of the Year’ in UK Surf Awards

Surf hero of the Year 2013: Charlotte Banfield; a 15-year old girl who overcame heart surgery and went on to the semi-finals of a surf competition is set to be named “Surf Hero of the Year” at a national awards ceremony on Sunday. Charlotte Banfield, from Penryn in Cornwall, scooped the award which was sponsored by The Wave Project and UK Pro Surf.

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Enjoy life!

I like to make my life affordable, make it constructive, make it warm, make it appreciating, make it amusing, make it loved, make it audible,make it angelic, make it acceptable,

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