After four years of searching for a private therapist. Without any luck. Margaretha appeared as if like magic. I had looked through her work via Facebook and her website. I watched through Margaretha’s videos before contacting her to see if she had any space for sessions.
With my history of CPTSD and a Panic Disorder, I was determined to get my life back, which meant that I needed to face my past and work with healing the right way. For many years I was living through the approach “take it day by day” and forget the past motto. Only to find me on occasions, I would have mental health breakdowns and severe anxiety related to issues surrounding my past.
Margaretha initially called me via zoom to have a chat about how she may help me through this. She was such a lovely, kind lady and didn’t push me to sign up for anything, she had let me sit with her information, and she welcomed me back any time to chat.
I just knew she was the woman to help me. With such a warm heart and safe nature, I had booked in with Margaretha for sessions.
I can’t even begin to start telling you what an incredible journey this already is. I feel different in a good way, and my mind is clearer. I am now able to leave my house, exercise, talk to people and become motivated in working through who I am.
Margaretha has been working through some very personal past traumas with me, and I am 100 per cent confident that I am in safe hands.
If you are looking to letting go of pain, and are ready to start your journey with Margaretha, I can promise you that it will be the best decision for you. A.W.


“I was always anxious and yet nothing bad happened.  
That’s because there’s something wrong with how I think, 
not how I am, or how my life is.”

I have suffered with anxiety and depression for the last 10 years.  I had no idea how poorly I was, I thought everyone felt the way I did.  It was a shock to me, my family and friends when I was diagnosed because I was always the life and soul of the party; a pretence I had perfected.  I’d had counselling and tried other therapies, and nothing had helped me.  I really believed that I would never be the old “me” again, until I met Margaretha.  

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Thank you for giving me back my space and calmness would recommend you to anybody.

Great tools you have given me!

x A.M.

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