How would you feel if you could enjoy serenity and success without having to stop your thoughts, change your emotions or perfect your life?

I know you want to be the best version of yourself so that you can access the inner states of clarity, confidence and contentment. Feeling at peace with your mind and body is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

When life gets busy, and you are trying to juggle many tasks, this might get in the way, preventing your mind from gaining clarity. Feelings that make you feel trapped or make life feel too difficult can stop you from being the person you want to be and living the life you deserve. Modern meditations or bringing calmness into your life could bring solutions to your daily life.
You become aware of thoughts and behaviours that hold you back and make you feel trapped or stuck, and you start to understand the mind.

With modern meditation, clearing headspace, you will become familiar and know yourself better by understanding how your mind works.
I believe that everyone deserves to feel good about their life and themselves. We are all born confident. Behaviours or habits we don’t like are practised and have become robust and automatic. We can unlearn these habits by practising and creating peace with our minds through learning new strategies to help us move forward. Creating space within the mind will help you gain clarity, sleep better, and improve your relationships to be happier and more creative.

Discover the three easy steps to clear your mind.

  • Understanding the mind and the hidden causes of a busy mind is.
  • A collection of tools that enhance the results of a clear mind and find stillness within.
  • Straightforward ways of easy meditation and finding out which one works best for you.

Clear Headspace Cornwall has worked with many people, helping them change their relationship with their minds while cultivating the habit of becoming conscious of the present, gaining clarity and improving their quality of life. 

CLEAR stands for:
Create calmness.
Love your life!
Enhance the moment.
Accept the self!
Revitalise your life.

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Client Love

The sessions were amazing. I was at a low point, just lost my brother and struggling with his new wife, and with no family local, I got high blood pressure and cholesterol for the first time ever, I had to take a pill!

The sessions were incredible, talking through my fingers, guards being released, the vivid colours, red-anger, yellow-mellow. There is a change in me, I accept more about emotions, our past and subconscious and I have learned coping strategies. All this is so relevant in these strange times.

I am able to offer comfort to my sister in law and positive encouragement to my beloved family so a huge thank you to Margaretha. I cannot praise you and your unbelievable therapy enough (Control System), because, for some reason, unknown to me, it works! So, to anyone out there, who thinks maybe this could help me, I say; put your trust in, and have faith in Margaretha.
Thank you for giving me back my space and calmness would recommend you to anybody.
Great tools you have given me!
We took our son, who had low self-esteem, to see Margaretha. Thanks to Margaretha, he’s now much happier and more confident.

I felt I could say anything that was on my mind and not be judged. I now feel more confident. 
J & D F