How would it be for you to learn self-hypnosis techniques?
What can be the benefits of doing Self-Hypnosis?
Self-Hypnosis helps you step into your creative mind, increase your Self-Esteem and confidence.
Self-Hypnosis creates calm within your life and changes unwanted habits or behaviours. It can help with pain control and many, many more.

How are these changes made?
You learn how to create a hypnotic state, relax your mind and body, and develop positive statements for yourself that will empower you and help you make the changes you want.
You become aware of how we learn things, where thoughts are coming from, and how the brain works.
Where habits come from, and how to create new inspiring patterns to move you forward in your life.
And a step-by-step Self-hypnosis process and some fantastic techniques to give you instant calm and peace with mind and body.

What does hypnosis or self-hypnosis mean?
Hypnosis is a trance-like state that helps you focus your attention and heighten suggest abilities to greater self-empowerment.
Nearly everyone has experienced a trance-like state many times. Let’s consider this, have you ever found yourself daydreaming or getting involved in a book or a film? Time and surroundings seem to disappear, which is called a hypnotic trance-like state.

By learning self-hypnosis, people step into their power and the creative part where changes can occur. The purpose of Self-Hypnosis is to reprogramme your subconscious mind.
By consciously using Self-Hypnosis, you start to reprogramme your subconscious mind to reach your goals, change unwanted behaviours.

Workshops are online, either during the day or evening, lasting around two hours.
The cost is £20.00 per workshop.
You will receive a general recording to help you step into a relaxed state.
If you would like to receive a customised recording, the cost for this will be £5.00 after attending the session.
If you would like to attend, please email; Margaretha at