Solution-focused hypnotherapy

Are you struggling to manage with unwanted behaviours that are taking control of your life? Understanding why you feel like this is the first stage of making necessary changes in your life.

Taking back control by using solution-focused hypnotherapy could be the answer for you.

What is solution-focused hypnotherapy?

Solution-focused hypnotherapy is a fantastic 7 step programme, based on the control system, for personal growth, helping you to change unwanted habits and behaviour patterns. It works by using your agreed methods, either with your eyes open or closed, to help you achieve your goals.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy utilises the way your mind works best, enabling you to get control of your subconscious patterns of thought. It gives you the power to remove any blockages and limiting beliefs that hold you back in life. By using direct communication with the most powerful and creative part of your mind, this system puts you back in charge of your own thoughts and responses.

Whether you use it every day or just once in a lifetime, as soon as you know the system, you will have a permanent means of updating your automatic thought patterns and programming yourself for success.

I know that change can be scary but that’s why I am here to guide you through and help you make the changes you want.

Among many other issues, solution-focused hypnotherapy can help you:

  • Stop smoking
  • Overcome eating problems
  • Ease anxiety
  • Raise self-esteem
  • Speak confidently in public
  • Beat phobias

Typically, the aim is to resolve clients’ challenges within 3 sessions, which usually last around 1 to 2 hours. Solution-focused hypnotherapy has the ability to deliver excellent outcomes fast – allowing you to quickly regain control of your life. You might use it every day or just once in a lifetime but as soon as you know the system, you can control your own thoughts and program yourself for success. Are you ready to live a life you love?

Through this technique, hundreds of people around Cornwall make great strides towards the lives they always wanted to live.

Book now and regain control of your life!


The sessions were amazing. I was at a low point, just lost my brother and struggling with his new wife, and with no family local, I got high blood pressure and cholesterol for the first time ever, I had to take a pill! The sessions were incredible, talking through my fingers, guards being released, the vivid colours, red-anger, yellow-mellow. There is a change in me, I accept more about emotions, our past and subconscious and I have learned coping strategies. All this is so relevant in these strange times. I am able to offer comfort to my sister in law and positive encouragement to my beloved family so a huge thank you to Margaretha. I cannot praise you and your unbelievable therapy enough (Control System), because, for some reason, unknown to me, it works! So, to anyone out there, who thinks maybe this could help me, I say; put your trust in, and have faith in Margaretha.

Love Y.D.H.


A quick email to say thank you for your help and support over the last few weeks.

After I retired I found it quite difficult to get into some sort of routine and  things seemed to spiral a little out of control.  It was really good to talk things through at our meetings and to put things in perspective and to be given the tools to proceed with a much more relaxed outlook on life.

I also find the relaxation techniques very good when things start to get a bit hectic, it is good to be able to take a few minutes to relax and feel refreshed before starting again.

Thank you again,
~ D.D.