That Great Feeling

How to motivate yourself? Sometimes we like to do things but find all sort of obstacles in the way, like I don’t want to do this or I feel tired.

If we just say stop to ourself and think about the feeling that it will give you afterwards then it becomes easier to motivate yourself; for instance I like going to the gym, but sometimes I find an excuse and end up not going. Then I feel that I cheated on myself. The other day was such an example I didn’t wanted to go to the gym but I made a promise to myself that I would go on a regular basis so I decided to go.

As it turned out I had a lovely time. I had a chat with a lady who was training to go to the Himalayas, (imagine to walk in the Himalayas how great is that) she had a ruck sack on and was walking on the running machine. She looked great and was so excited about her forthcoming trip as you can imagine.

If I hadn’t gone there I would have never met up with this inspiring lady and heard about her training and her adventure. She inspired me with her story. It is great to go out and do things, you never know what or who you meet on the way. I felt great afterwards and was glad that I went. I said to myself “WELL DONE”.  It’s a great feeling having done some physical activity, and having the excitement of the unknown, what, whom will I see, hear or meet.

If you find yourself making all sorts of excuses to not do something for yourself think about the GREAT FEELINGS that it gives you afterwards and go for it. It would be great if you can let me know!!!!!

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