Walking On Air

Do something new for yourself! I noticed there was a special on that said ‘hot stone massage’  I was curious what that would be like. A friend of mine told me it’s great it’s like walking on air when you come out, so I had to try this.

Well I tell you it was GREAT  so relaxing and wonderful, I would recommend this to anybody. Not knowing what to expect, it was a real treat and as my friend said it’s like walking on air when you walk out. It’s great to give yourself a treat once in a while and it will stay with you for a long time, every time I think about it, I give myself a big inner smile and step into that lovely relaxing feeling.

Think of something nice you have done for yourself and step into that feeling, give yourself an inner smile and let that wonderful feeling float back into you and fill you with warmth.

Have you done something for yourself that when you think about it it makes you smile and gives you that great feeling? Would be  great to hear!!

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