What Is Anxiety?

According to the Oxford dictionary, it says; trouble state of mind, worry, eagerness! Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear that can be mild or severe. When you start to look online, there are so many answers, but the truth is we all feel anxious at times, an athlete or sports person would say; anxiety helps us to perform at our best if used positively.

Anxiety is part of life, and at the moment, there is probably a lot about it because of the coronavirus. When anxiety becomes a problem, it’s time to reach out to friends and or family. Also, there are many good resources on the internet and lots of help out there. The Clear Headspace Cornwall system works incredibly well by overcoming anxiety issues.

There is a great Ted talk about this by Tim Box, the creator of the control system. Have a look, and it would be great to hear what you think!

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