Welcome to Clear headspace Cornwall.

Clear Headspace Cornwall specialises in Hypnotherapy and Modern Meditation helping people regain control of their actions and start living the life they long for. The control system is a seven-step programme that gets you back in control of your life.

In today’s modern world, more and more people struggle to control unwanted behaviours, holding them back in life. Cornwall’s coastline reminds me that although the waves always come crashing in, if we learn to ride them, they can take us where we want to go. I believe that we all have a genius within ourselves. Book now, and find your own genius.

F 11 years old, I felt I could say anything on my mind and not be judged. Now I feel more confident. F.F

We took our son, who had low self-esteem, to see Margaretha. Thanks to Margaretha, he’s now much happier and more confident. J & D. F


Thank you so much for all the help you have given to my son, he is so much better and feeling more confident about himself.

~ D.H.


Very glad I came to see you, Margaretha, I’m in a better place now than I ever was.

~ K.B.


A friend of mine introduced me to Margaretha when I needed her most. I was in a very dark place which felt like a deep hole that I couldn’t climb out of.

The mind is a really powerful thing and Margaretha has taught me how to calm and relax it to get me back to the here and now with so many useful tools that have helped me manage the ups and downs of life. I’m no longer in a dark hole and am able to deal with things in a much more positive way.

I can’t thank Margaretha enough for all the help she’s given me. she has such a calm and gentle way that will immediately put you at ease.

I recommend anyone who is in need or interested in mind calm to give Margaretha a call. She’s brilliant.

~ K.F.