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Margaretha is a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, a Modern Meditation practitioner, A Control Practioner, Master NLP, and EFT Practioner.
Margaretha is born in the Netherlands.

Training, qualifications & experience 

Fully qualified and BIH, and ICBCH registered.

2011 NLP with Richard Bandler.

 2012 – 2013 Hypnotherapy and Master NLP with Phil Parker (

2012- 2014 EFT 1 and 2, Healing the addicted heart. Integrated EFT and NLP with Sue Beer & Emma Roberts, London (

2015 Hypnotherapy and NLP with Nicholas Evans (

2018 Body and Mind-Calm Meditation with Sandy C. Newbigging.

2020 The Control System,  Tim Box.

2021 Professional Hypnotherapy with Jacquin Hypnosis Academy

Hi, I’m Margaretha.

Welcome to Clear Headspace Cornwall.

Do you feel like the whole world is against you right now? Do you feel like your unwanted behaviours or anxieties are taking control of your life?

Life can be such a struggle when you’re unsure how to proceed. You can feel trapped and literally have no idea which way to turn to feel better.

The peace and calm that you seek can sometimes feel so far away, and as a result, you might feel lonely and lost.

I know these feelings from personal experience. There was a time when I, too, felt lost and depressed. My head was so full of thoughts that there was no clear headspace, and I couldn’t see a way out or how to move forward.

How did I do it? By being kind to myself and taking action to make the changes to improve my life. I live the life I love, a life I once thought was completely out of my reach.

You can also make these changes – every person deserves to live a life they love, and that includes you! All you need to do is take action, and learn how to clear headspace so that you can become more creative, live a life you love, and feel calm, content amidst all that is going on in your life.

Over the past decade, hundreds of people made the changes they wanted to make.

I offer a range of different services, including solution focussed hypnotherapy, NLP, which are always tailored to your individual needs. Modern Meditation workshops, done in small groups where we work together, offering peer support to focus our mind.

If you’re ready to change your life for the better, I am here to help you.

Be Kind.

MargarethaFebruary 12, 20212 min read

At the moment there is so much talk about the virus and how it is so contagious.
But did you know that the most contagious thing is actually kindness?

I know I hear you say, how can that be?
But in different studies that have been done on kindness shows the effect it has on […]



MargarethaMay 10, 20201 min read
A poem that I came across a very long time ago and then years ago someone had this poem at their wedding. I’d love to share this poem with you; As far as I know, it’s unknown.
Have You Ever Noticed?

Have You Ever Noticed?

MargarethaMay 10, 20202 min read
Have you ever noticed how often we rush to get somewhere or do things quickly, without enjoying the journey that leads towards what we want?
Looking through different lenses!

Looking through different lenses!

MargarethaMarch 26, 20202 min read
“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes.” – Marcel Proust
What Is Anxiety?

What Is Anxiety?

MargarethaMarch 16, 20201 min read
According to the Oxford dictionary, it says; trouble state of mind, worry, eagerness! Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear that can be mild or severe. When you start to look online there are so many answers, but the truth is we all feel anxious at times, an athlete or sports person would say; anxiety helps us to perform at our best if used in a positive way.
Happiness, what does it mean?

Happiness, what does it mean?

MargarethaMarch 12, 20202 min read

Happiness is not something ready-made; it comes from your own action! (quote by Dalai Lama)

International Woman’s Day today!

International Woman’s Day today!

MargarethaMarch 8, 20203 min read
What does this mean? All over the world special woman are remembered for making changes that we are now all benefiting from.
Kindness! by David R Hamilton

Kindness! by David R Hamilton

MargarethaMarch 5, 20202 min read
We’re hearing so much about the coronavirus and how contagious it is. Did you know that the most contagious thing is actually kindness? It’s been tested scientifically. Scientists at Harvard and Yale measured the contagiousness of kindness out to three social steps.